Progressive Instrumental Rock (Melodic Lead Guitar) - "JB" to MP3 / MP4 ( HD )

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Progressive Instrumental Rock (Melodic Lead Guitar) - "JB"
Progressive Instrumental Rock (Melodic Lead Guitar) -  "JB"

🎸Your Music Channel for unique Instrumental Rock & Metal. 🎼 🎶Original Compositions, Video Game & Anime Arrangements 🔊 🎧"Various Instrumental Rock / Metal"-PLAYLIST♬: ϟ Feel free to check all other Instrumental Rock / Metal ♫PLAYLISTS♩ on my channel. Artist: Song: JB Album: Head Movies A nice melodic lead guitar focused progressive rock tune by the russian band "". I like the experimental but still melodic lead part and with that sweet super reverbed tone. Sharing, liking and commenting is appreciated! =D ✚More great tracks from this artist✚ ♬ M.I.R./M.A.#128: 🎸You[Rock] Music Channel Playlists🎸 🔊 Mel. Instr. Rock/Metal Arr.: 🔊 Guitar Arrangements: 🔊 Mega Man Rock/Metal Arrange: 🔊 Game Rock / Metal OST: 🔊 Dragonball Rock/Metal OST: 🔊 Anime Rock / Metal OST: 🔊 Anime Rock / Metal Arrange: 🔊 Various Genres Of Instr. Rock/Metal: 🔊 Final Fantasy Rock/Metal: 🔊 80's Rock/Metal: 🔊 Battle & Fight Rock/Metal: ➳ If you know or just found a good unique & uncommercial instrumental rock or metal track or artist, feel free to send me a private message! *All tracks on this channel are in the highest possible quality (lossless or HQ MP3) uploaded with 384kBit/s @ 48kHz (480p/720p)* ☤BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY RESCUE CHANNEL☤ GuiltyGearRockYou #GuiltyGearRockYou #MelodicGuitar #InstrumentalRock #YouRock #InstrumentalMetal #MelodicInstrumentalRock #MelodicInstrumentalMetal #MelodicGuitarRock #MelodicGuitarMetal